Ujamaa Farm

The Ujamaa Farm program facilitates, support and encourage African Canadian farmers and youth to develop sustainable urban ecological agricultural cooperative enterprise. Ujamaa Farm is an AFB program that encourages sustainable Farming in Ontario. The idea is to encourage new farmers to experience and learn how operate and manage their own farm enterprises. The Farm is also the site used for Cultivating Youth Leadership (CYL) development training and employment opportunity.

community food animation

The Food Animators Project aims to improve access to affordable, culturally appropriate and healthy food for several diverse neighborhoods and communities across the City of Toronto, particularly areas which are currently under-serviced by food programs. The main area of AFB food animation is local food access by growing your own food.

CUltivating Youth Leadership (CYL)

AFB promotes the sustainable development of Urban Farms and Community Gardens by nurturing a new generation of young leaders through the Cultivating Youth Leadership: Urban Farm Project (CYL). We work towards this goal by creating opportunities for the youth of North-West Toronto to expand their knowledge base, develop new skills and positively engage with their community through the operation of socially responsible urban farming enterprise and Garden Animation.


Compost Commerical Tea Project

AFB’s current research project explores and examines how to produce consistent compost teas with a commercial brewer.  Further to that, we will evaluate the effectiveness of the compost teas on plant health and yields at the Balck Creek Farm.  This project exists to assist us in our mission to grow and provide culturally appropriate foods to people at all times.

Seed Saving Project

Since the middle of the 20th century mono-cultural techniques based on industrial chemicals and hybrid seeds have dominated farming in Canada. Farmers are now expressing concern over the control of seeds and genetic variations. At present 60% of the remaining gene pool of crop plants is inadequately conserved or studied; and 90% of the remaining pool is not being used commercially. As we strive for a brighter future we must ensure that our food supply is not threatened by relying on corporations and governments to classify and dictate what we grow hence what we eat.

The notion of strengthening the capacity of field crop producers by building a diverse ecological vegetable seed system in the GTA stands on the work done by the indigenous inhabitants of the area. Through training and practicum we can ensure that we save and exchange seeds to continue the propagation on an annual basis and develop seed saving techniques that will guarantee a viable germination rate.

This Seed Saving Project  is implemented at the Black Creek Community Farm (BCCF) and at community and back-yard gardens in the Black Creek Community. The beneficiaries will span the participants in our community and back-yard garden programs, AFB Ujamaa Farm incubator farmers’ program participants, Farmers Market customers and food buying club members. Notwithstanding the above, the BCCF is also focusing on educating students in the community where food comes from and the benefits of a healthy meal. These students and young volunteers will participate in our seed saving program as they are the vanguard to a brighter and ecologically sustainable future in their communities.


Topics such as gardening,cooking, and food literacy. 

Youth Internship Program:
Opportunities for youth (15-29 years old) to work and train on the farm.

School Programs:
Teacher & principals to schedule a school trip to the farm

Farm Camp: 
Week-long camps running all summer at the farm.